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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Unable to login via HTML5 console on EVE-NG

Unable to login via HTML5 console on EVE-NG's Web GUI after upgrade to EVE-NG 2.0.3-86 or when in HTML5 console, disconnect button gets you into a guacamole login page and can’t get any sessions in HTML5.


This is a typical corrupt Guacamole SQL database issue; whether happened randomly or even during/after eve upgrade process, there are two very simple proposed solutions for this problem:
  1. Logout/Login from/into eve to be able to open html console again.
  2. Issue the following command on eve-ng vm:
    #cat /opt/unetlab/schema/guacamole-update.sql | mysql -u root --password=eve-ng guacdb
    and than login/logout from/into eve.
Rana Tauqeer.


  1. this isn't working for me. I only get an error about a duplicate username column

    1. I have the same issue with duplicate username. Are you fix it ?

  2. I had the same issue, noticed numerous columns were missing from tables and an entire table was missing.

    Look at catalina.out, you might see something like this:

    10:56:02.164 [http-nio-] ERROR - Unexpected internal error:
    ### Error querying database. Cause: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Table 'guacdb.guacamole_user_history' doesn't exist
    ### The error may exist in org/apache/guacamole/auth/jdbc/user/UserMapper.xml
    ### The error may involve defaultParameterMap
    ### The error occurred while setting parameters
    ### SQL: SELECT guacamole_user.user_id, guacamole_user.username, password_hash, password_salt, password_date, disabled, expired, access_window_start, access_window_end, valid_from, valid_until, timezone, full_name, email_address, organization, organizational_role, MAX(start_date) AS last_active FROM guacamole_user LEFT JOIN guacamole_user_history ON guacamole_user_history.user_id = guacamole_user.user_id WHERE guacamole_user.username = ? GROUP BY guacamole_user.user_id
    ### Cause: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Table 'guacdb.guacamole_user_history' doesn't exist

    I fixed it by altering the guac database and adding the missing table, as well as a number of missing columns in different tables. That fixed it for me

    Here's what I changed if it helps

    1. Thanks, now it is working.

    2. Can confirm, this worked for me. To add the extra steps for those not mysql literate like me:

      Get an SSH shell open to your EVE machine, logged in as root.
      #mysql -u root -p
      Enter eve-ng as the password at the prompt.

      mysql> use guacdb;

      Follow on with the steps in Scott's pastebin link. There are a few steps duplicated; this will throw and error but won't hurt.

  3. Brilliant! Thanks James and Scott. WOrked for me. NOw able to login to HTML5

  4. dear friends its not working for me. EVE-NG kindly help me.

  5. Hello
    My laptop sudden shut down while my EVE-NG and vmware were running . Then when I start the laptop and again try to Run EVE-NG .EVE-NG stuck at web log in .I put correct user name and password and hit enter but nothing is happening by pressing enter.
    then i try
    /opt/unetlab/wrappers/unl_wrapper -a restoredb
    but it show me like that

    root@eve-ng:~/opt/unetlab/wrappers/unl_wrapper -a restoredb

    Usage: /opt/unetlab/wrappers/unl_wrapper -a
    -a Action can be:
    - delete: delete a lab file even if it's not valid
    requires -T, -F
    - export: export a runnign-config to a file
    requires -T, -F, -D is optional
    - fixpermissions: fix file/dir permissions
    - platform: print the hardware platform
    - start: start one or all nodes
    requires -T, -F, -D is optional
    - stop: stop one or all nodes
    requires -T, -F, -D is optional
    - wipe: wipe one or all nodes
    requires -T, -F, -D is optional
    -F Lab file
    -T Tenant ID
    -D Device ID (if not used, all devices will be impacted)
    Sep 06 17:29:05 Sep 06 17:29:05 ERROR: Flag -a is not valid (9).

    any body plz help.

    1. same problem, did u find any solution plz !

  6. i am unable to login on eve-ng. what should i do?

  7. I am not able to login my community eve-ng on my bare metal server via http, but i am able to login via SSH. any idea?

  8. This fixed my issue:

    echo "drop database guacdb ;" | mysql --password=eve-ng mysql ; apt install --reinstall eve-ng-pro-guacamole



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